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There is only one HKHR wall printer company in China, and this company is in Beijing, China. HKHR will strictly follow the agreement and will not make any quotations or direct sales in countries where exclusive agency areas are established. Any act of using the name of HKHR to sell wall printers in the exclusive agency area is a counterfeit act. Customers can ask for various patent certificates and trademark registration certificates of wall printers from the real HKHR company to prevent being cheated. If the product purchased by the customer is not from the real HKHR company, HKHR company will not be responsible for this product.

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Designed with simplicity in mind, we offer the best RIP software to our UV wall printers.


HKHR supply full spare parts for our printers, including consumable spare parts and printing.


Today, The Wall Printer won the Coastal Entrepreneur of the Year Award (CEA) in Wilmington, NC.  This annual award is presented to one company of 100's of those nominated, selected by a judge's panel. The judges are tasked with deciding which company has the best opportunity to succeed and grow in the years to come. I've attached the press release, as well, that preceded today's event, held at the local university.  The woman in the picture, with my TWP sales, marketing, and customer support leadership team, is my wife, Maureen.


These printing cases are from our great customers


Fridge printing by wall printer


Some of our clients, and click the logo to visit their Instagram page.

USA Expo: Fast Sign

On February 15-18, 2019, our US distributor "The Wall Printer" participated in the Fast Sign exhibition in Phoenix City. We exhibited S Series, K series, E series wall printers.

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Founded in 2012, the most professional manufacturer of inkjet wall printer and floor printer.

We have partners all across the world, if you need local service please check our partners location.

We also can provide you custom service to build your own wall and floor printer. Contact us to learn more. Happy wall and floor printing.

HKHR Team.

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